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Unicorn 13074-D3074-08060

The locomotive was built at the British Rail workshops at Darlington, entering service in December 1953 at Hull Dairycotes shed. Renumbering took place in August 1957 when it was transformed into D3074.

In January 1960 the locomotive was transferred from Hull to Leeds Neville Hill shed but it returned to East Yorkshire in September 1970 when it was moved to Hull Botanic Gardens. This move may have been a paper exercise as in October 1970 the locomotive was allocated to Lincoln shed where it remained until withdrawal on 24th June 1984.

Like 08022 the locomotive was moved to Swindon Works for disposal, however, it was given a reprieve and sold to Guinness to shunt malt traffic at Park Royal Brewery in West London. It was refurbished at Swindon Works and given its highly recognisable black livery and large harp, the well-known Guinness symbol, on the front radiator grill. It was also fitted with the nameplate “Unicorn”. 

The move from Swindon to the Park Royal Brewery site was completed on 20th July 1985 when, travelling as 9X90, the two locomotives passed through Cholsey Station, thus their use in and out of Cholsey Station by the Cholsey and Wallingford Railway was not their first visit to Cholsey!

It arrived with its sister locomotive, “Lion”, at Wallingford on 30th August 1998.

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