The Cholsey & Wallingford  Railway

  The Bunk Line - Home of the Cholsey and Wallingford Railway Preservation Society 

We need your help to create a heritage station at Wallingford

The Cholsey and Wallingford Railway is determined to return stronger from the current Covid-19 restrictions. Our aim is to provide Wallingford with a branchline station and play a greater part in the local community. The Victorian Maidenhead Canopy is due to be completed in 2020, but we need funds to improve the rest of the station.

To complete the revival we need your help!

Our ability to run trains in 2020 will be limited. This gives us a £50k shortfall in revenue. There are three ways you can help us:

Sponsor a bench, lamp or sign

To transform our platform and show-off our Victorian canopy at its best, we need to add heritage lamps, benches and signs to the station. By sponsoring a specific item, you can help us do this.

Contribute from £5 per month to buy an item.

  1. Buy your 2021 Bunk Line Season Ticket

Become a Friend of the Bunk Line and we’ll give you free travel on all trains for at least a year (excluding evening food trains and Santa specials). 

Every ticket will help us with our station revival project.

Donate your time, it only needs to be a day or two

Could you or your business help by lending us a specialist skill or simply by helping us with some painting? If so, please contact us. Examples of the skills we are looking for are:

  • Sign-writers
  • Electricians
  • Carpenters & Joiners
  • Anyone handy with a paintbrush!