The Cholsey & Wallingford  Railway

  The Bunk Line - Home of the Cholsey and Wallingford Railway Preservation Society 


Everyone you meet at the Cholsey & Wallingford Railway is a Volunteer - nobody receives a salary, we do it because we enjoy it - plus our aim is to help to educate future generations, and for them to experience and enjoy our heritage.

We have worked incredibly hard to ensure your future journey is COVID-19 safe - whilst also keeping your visit enjoyable! But it does mean that we will have to necessarily limit the number of people we welcome onto our services when they re-start.

Please do follow all Government rules and advice on travelling by public transport, and when you visit us we also ask you to take note of the following to get the most from your visit.

Before you travel:

You must pre-book your tickets and refreshments online before travelling.

Timetable: Our timetable will vary depending on the service we are operating


Wallingford: 10.45  12.15  13.45  15.15 

Cholsey:        11.15  12.45  14.15  15.45 (No return possible on the 15.45)  

A round trip from Wallingford to Cholsey and return takes around 40 - 45 mins.


Wallingford at War

2nd & 3rd October

Experience the feel of the 1940's. Vintage vehicles, land girls add to the atmosphere. Your local home guard platoon will be in attendance to make sure everything is under control!

October Steam Days

9th & 10th October

Enjoy a journey through the Oxfordshire countryside whilst enjoying our fantastic cream teams (Saturday 12:15, 3:15pm) or just a tea, coffee and cake to our standard tickets (both Saturday & Sunday).

Wallingford Fryer

9th October - 7pm

Back by popular demand the Wallingford Fryer returns for the final time this year.  Enjoy a great evening on the Bunkline with our great fish and chips train (other menu choices available).


Polar Express

After a year off, we are welcome back Santa to the line, with our biggest ever Santa experience.

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Fares during social distancing & government restrictions arrangements
Table of 4 - £24
Compartment of 6 (6 adults or 4 adults and 4 children) - £38