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George Mason - 13190-D3190-08123

This loco is one of the earlier 90V Class 08 locomotives as later models were 110V. It was firstly allocated to Tondu (86F) having been outshopped from Derby works on 5 November 1955 and numbered 13190. It moved to Ebbw Junction (Newport) (86B) on 20 July 1968 where it is believed it served as the Severn Tunnel Pilot.

Its next move was to Crewe (5A) on 3 October 1970 where it ran as D3190 before being renumbered 08123 on 31 December 1973.

It was moved to Swindon for scrapping on 20 March 1984 where it languished until purchased by the Cholsey and Wallingford Railway on 30 June 1985. Before leaving Swindon the batteries were replaced and when it arrived at Wallingford it was able to operate almost immediately.

The name ‘George Mason’ was given to it to honour one the major donors who provided the funds that allowed the CWR to purchase the loco. It is currently being returned to its D3190 livery.

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